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"Ciaran was a student at GP Vanier, but theres a twist to this guy.

Every day he walked up to you with a BRIGHT smile!

He made anyone and everyone feel at home and feel better."

-Wesley (Ciarans' friend)


January 2nd, 2014, Ciaran was hit by a car while longboarding home with one of his friends. Ciarans brain did not recover from the impact. He was pronounced at 11:20am on February 5th and began the surgery with ...BC Transplant to donate his four organs at 8pm and his heart stopped beating at 10:20pm, when it was taken from him to be delivered to the recipient, exactly 11hrs later.


Our boy decided while applying for his BCID that he wanted to be an organ donor. When his mum asked about it, he stated "absolutely, if I can't use them someone else should." His family drew their strength and courage from Ciaran to ensure that this happened.

Ciaran was able to save four lives with his heart, his liver, one kidney and a double lung transplant. He was also able to restore sight with both of his beautiful eyes.


Ciaran was a young man who lived his life for peace and love, the two words he said most often. That was apparent in the constant smile that was written all over his face, since he was a little boy. He loved and respected the earth and every one and everything in it. He originally wanted to be an entomologist, then a dragonologist, then eventually as he got older he settled on Search and Rescue or wilderness guide....He spent countless hours hiking and/ or camping alone or with family, friends or strangers, studying quantum physics, meditating or drumming (on anything) He spent more time at school talking and supporting his peers, than he spent in class. I don't think anyone ever saw Ciaran angry, he was the most even tempered joyful person I've ever been blessed enough to know. Relationships with adults, children, strangers, different cultures, sexual orientation, religions... Etc. It never mattered to Ciaran... He just loved everyone equally...


Love, Ciarans' Mum





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